EB Apparel Limited is one of the leading multinational readymade apparel sourcing and manufacturing companies in Bangladesh with a reputation of quality, reliability and unparalleled customer service. Our company is running by a group of Well Experienced Personnel to become a leading Apparel Sourcing, Having service agreements with many well reputed Garment Manufacturers and our own, we are able make any Kind of item with High quality items for a very competitive pricing.

We are constantly moving forward with an expanding client base of high street fashion retailers who depend on us to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. We firmly believe in responsible business ethics and thus are accountable to our valued buyers, our customers, employees and ultimately to the nation.

It has gained tremendous growth for its performance, capacity and commitment towards customers. We provide low-cost sourcing in apparel, home textiles and other goods for companies in the fashion industries. Our first purpose is to answer to the Customer demands in terms of product, fittings and price point always maintaining high the quality level. Professionalism and maximum attention to our Customers’ demand.


We will satisfy our buyers as well as other regulatory requirements ensuring to provide quality service and products. To meet the goal we are committed to put the best endeavors and work as a team efficiently for continual improvement of the quality management system.


Our vision is to achieve business excellence by working with world class buyers for garments where quality will be the keystone of success.